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Sir John Hegarty is a British advertising veteran, having joined the industry in the 1960s and helping build brands like ;as Levi’s and Audi with ads placed on what are now thought of as “traditional” media that are still instantly recognisable decades on.

Almost everyone thinks they could easily be an advertising creative, but very few can actually build a successful career out of it. Hegarty has a poster on his wall at Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), the London-based agency he cofounded in 1982, with his own quote blazened on it: “Advertising is 80% idea and 80% execution.” Few people have the craft and consistency of Hegarty, who, at 71-years-old is still very hands-on at BBH, which counts Axe, Samsung, Tesco, KFC, and Google among its clients.

Leaning back in a chair inside his office, Hegarty looks comfortable, but he’s not content. And the thing he’s not content about is content.

As digital media has become ubiquitous, advertisers have turned their attention toward producing content (like videos, articles, games, and social media posts) to compliment their spend on traditional forms of advertising, which consumers are increasingly going out of their way to avoid or block. Spend on content marketing is set to soar 186% to €2.12 billion in Europe alone by 2020, according to research from Yahoo and Enders Analysis.

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